Nov 16, 2022 | Marine coatings & hull protection news

Nippon Paint Marine’s innovative approach to marine coatings technology was the primary focus of a recent event held by the company in Korea, with a number of delegates praising the company’s range of antifouling and anticorrosion systems in meeting the shipping industry’s environmental and energy savings objectives.

The event, known as Korea Showcase, was a technology day established 10 years ago to share the latest coatings information and innovations with South Korean shipowners, shipbuilders and repairers. It was attended by 89 delegates from 51 companies, including Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries, KSS Line, Keoyoung Shipping, Kumjin Shipping, and SHL Maritime. Presentations focused on CO2 emission reduction, fuel efficiency, and preventing the transfer of invasive marine organisms.

Nippon Paint Marine President Takeshi Shiotani said: “We developed the world’s first tin-free antifouling paint and the world’s first self-indicating coating system. In 2006 we introduced our unique hydrogel technology and then launched a low friction antifouling paint, LF-Sea. This was followed by the more advanced A-LF-Sea. We then launched the world’s first biocide-free self-polishing copolymer antifouling paint, Aquaterras, and, last year, introduced Fastar, an antifouling paint that utilises nanotechnology. The marine sector was the very first business segment for Nippon Paint and I am proud to say we remain committed to developing more environmentally friendly solutions that meet the requirements of today and tomorrow.  We will continue to push further the boundaries of innovation to deliver more effective coating solutions to meet our customers’ specific business needs and reduce the impact on the marine environment.”

Lee Sang-Hoon, Head of Hyundai Samho’s Block Painting Department, said: “We had an opportunity to work with Nippon Paint Marine on a newbuilding project where we applied the NOA and A-LF-Sea coatings. The advantages of NOA’s self-indicating function resulted in less paint consumption and contributed to greater workability and moreover, excellent anti-corrosive performance with a well-covered condition.”

Seo Young-Joon, head of KSS Line Marine Affairs Division, said: “Our company has been working in collaboration with Nippon Paint Marine to deliver better ship performance. In recent months, the decision to apply the Fastar coating has contributed significantly to ship efficiency. It provides shorter drying time at a reasonable price, resulting in reduced docking time and lower Opex.”

Following Korea Showcase, Nippon Paint Marine’s coatings were tentatively proposed for 14 new projects. The company received invitations to tender for three different projects and two customers asked to upgrade their paint specifications to the Fastar system. There was marked Interest in Aquaterras, which will be available in Korea in coming months.

Gladys Goh, Director and Deputy President, Nippon Paint Marine, said: “The marked success of this year’s Korea Showcase and gala dinner is testament to the hard work and dedication of colleagues around the world in delivering a platform on which to showcase the full range of Nippon Paint Marine technologies to our customers in Korea. Our coatings provide the best available corrosion protection and antifouling performance for today’s vessels.”

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