Jul 25, 2022 | Marine environment & clean shipping news

The CC-Ocean (Carbon Capture on the Ocean) project, a cooperative venture between Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, ‘K’ Line) and ClassNK has received the Marine Engineering of the Year 2021 (Doko Memorial Award) from the Japan Institute of Marine Engineering (JIME).

The award was received in recognition of what is regarded as the world’s first marine-based CO2 capture system on an actual voyage to successfully separate and capture CO2 from flue gas, with the captured CO2 having a purity of greater than 99.9%, achieving performance in line with the plan.

The prize, awarded for technical achievements in the fields of marine engines and equipment, offshore instruments, and related marine engineering, aims to draw attention to innovative and important achievements both in Japan and worldwide, and support the further advancement of associated scientific and industrial technologies. The CC-Ocean project aims to capture CO2 at sea by converting an existing CO2 capture system for onshore power plants for use in a marine environment. The system was installed on board the Corona Utility, a coal carrier operated by ‘K’ Line for Tohoku Electric Power Co, with demonstration testing conducted for about six months starting in August 2021. The amount, ratio, and purity of the captured CO2 were all in line with planned parameters, demonstrating the feasibility of capturing CO2 from the flue gas of marine engines onboard ships, where operating conditions differ from those on land.

As an integral part of the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group energy transition strategy, Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has established its Marine Future Stream vision as a growth strategy, aiming to achieve marine decarbonisation through renewable energy and the carbon cycle, and a safe and secure society through autonomous operation and electrification.

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