May 27, 2022 | Shipbuilding & ship repair news

Shipping company Elbe-Ems has ordered a second Combi Freighter 3850 (CF 3850) from Damen Shipyards, following positive experience with the vessel of the same type’ ‘Sophie’ which has been in operation in European waters since September 2021.

The sister vessel, to be named Jan Laurenz will be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2022. Elbe-Ems is a joint venture between shipowners Uniatlantico and Held Shipping. The new vessel will feature the same improved hull design and engine room configuration as Sophie. The CF 3850 standard design is said to offer proven quality of construction, optimised hull form for good fuel economy at convincing performance as well as competitive pricing. This can be achieved thanks to building in series at the Damen Yichang Shipyard.

Elbe-Ems decided to order a second CF 3850 upon analysing the performance of Sophie after her maiden voyage from Shanghai, China to Hamburg. Following order confirmation in May 2021, Damen was able to deliver it from stock on 2 September the same year.

Elbe-Ems CEO Andreas Bergmann, and  partner in Uniatlantico, said: “We are very happy with the performance of the CF 3850, MV Sophie. The quality of the vessel and the fuel economy have convinced us to order another vessel of the same type. The cooperation with Damen has been quite pleasant during the whole process from order to delivery.”

The vessel is built along with other vessels of the same design, in series at the Damen Yichang Shipyard. Standardisation and construction in series is a considered by Damen to offer a unique proposition. Quality of construction is guaranteed, while hull form, installed power and hold capacity have proven to deliver efficient performance. Series construction allows for competitive pricing of new-built vessels. The Damen Shipyard Group in the Netherlands is the contracting party. All arrangements for the construction as well as delivery, warranties and services are handled from the Dutch establishments of the shipyard group.

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