Nov 2, 2023 | Marine environment & clean shipping news

The ESG-focused digital maritime platform RightShip has formed a partnership with the Abu Dhabi based AD Ports Group to deploy RightShip’s Maritime Emissions Portal (MEP) in its portfolio of ports.

MEP is a digital solution that combines AIS vessel movement data with RightShip’s vessel insights. The solution calculates ships’ emissions within port and terminal facilities and highlights opportunities to reduce environmental impact. MEP gives critical assistance and access to maritime datasets to help ports and terminals effectively measure and manage their emissions. This asset is considered crucial in supporting decarbonisation strategies that align with global, regional, and national targets.

Othman Al Khouri, Executive Director Corporate Authority, AD Ports Group, said: “We recognise the critical role of technology in reducing our facilities’ carbon footprint. By partnering with RightShip, we aim to leverage data-driven insights to identify areas with the highest potential for impact. Our comprehensive strategy addresses various aspects of our operations. With this approach, we are confident that we can reduce emissions while maintaining operational efficiency.”

Andrew Roberts (pictured), Executive Director, EMEA, RightShip, added, “Announcing our collaboration with AD Ports Group is truly thrilling demonstrating commitment to excellence in the maritime global industry. Our Maritime Emissions Portal is a critical and potent tool that can assist ports in developing effective decarbonisation strategies, thereby improving air quality in the local area. This partnership will support AD Ports Group with their emissions reduction strategy and significantly contributes to our mission of creating a zero-harm maritime industry.”

RightShip’s MEP uses an energy-based modelling approach, following the guidelines of UNEP and UNFCCC, to calculate vessel-based emissions. Emissions are calculated across four operational modes, at specific points of interest and against emissions targets defined by ports and displayed in a digital tool.

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