Jun 9, 2022 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Propulsion company Schottel, which says it has an ongoing commitment towards a greener future, has approved Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) for use in its SCP Controllable Propeller units.

Following an extensive bench testing period, oils that were able to meet the OEM’s high performance and quality requirements were technically approved for the use in CP hubs. The EALs are not only able to fully replace the mineral oils used so far, but offer a further advantage with their biodegradability. As a result, they ensure no harm to the environment in the long term. In the meantime and in accordance with the vessel owners, there are several long-term references available for vessels with SCPs, operating with the approved EALs.

In addition, EALs in stern tube bearings were investigated in close cooperation with a major manufacturer. During extensive test runs on a full-size white metal bearing with maximum real loads and misalignments, the biodegradable lubricants for the stern tube bearings proved satisfactory.

Schottel confirms that the tested EALs can from now on be used for the entire ControllablePropeller unit, including all SCP sizes, without restrictions. As a result, there are no longer any oil-to-water interfaces in the Schottel SCP scope of supply.

The SCP combines maximum thrust and manoeuvrability with reliability, low operating costs and user-friendly operation. Suitable for vessels fulfilling varied operation profiles, the SCP can provide optimal propulsion power for changing speeds or loads. In addition, the robust design keeps maintenance to a minimum and ensures a long service life.

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