Apr 10, 2023 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

The largest Schottel EcoPeller to be manufactured was recently shipped from the company’s Wismar production facility.

The five-bladed SRE 700 features a propeller diameter of 3.6m and an input power of 3.2MW. Thanks to its compact design, the integrated LE-Drive (embedded L-Drive) allows more freedom in vessel design. In addition to this, it offers low vibration and noise levels. The thruster’s controllable pitch propeller enables efficiency increases by means of pitch adjustment. The version as delivered permits a full-feathering function, enabling the propeller blades to be moved to a low-resistance position when required.

According to Schottel, since its market launch, the SRE has been gaining use in almost all vessel segments. Thanks to the combination of powerful propeller thrust and lateral force, the SRE is considered to fulfil all the requirements of a modern high-performance propulsion unit. The hydrodynamically optimised design allows the thruster to produce maximum steering forces and enables high overall efficiency and course keeping ability. This reduces fuel consumption and ensures both lower operating costs and emissions.

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