Oct 28, 2022 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Kongsberg Digital and Soechi Lines have signed a contract to deliver and implement Vessel Insight on six crude oil tankers and LPG carriers, and following these installations the remaining vessels in the fleet will be connected.

Soechi Lines is one of Indonesia’s largest tanker operators and shipyard companies, transporting oil, gas and chemicals in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, India and the Middle East.

Christopher Bergsager, VP Growth Digital Ocean, Kongsberg Digital, said: “We proudly announce this contract with Soechi Line, one of Indonesia´s most prominent marine tanker companies. SOECHI Line is determined to take measures to become more sustainable and ensure efficient and safe operations. We are pleased that the company has chosen Kongsberg Digital to support their digital journey. This contract is another significant step towards the global digitalisation of the shipping industry.”

Kongsberg Digital provides SaaS solutions to enable vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure, automatic contextualisation, and capturing and aggregating quality data cost-effectively and securely. The solution provides instant access to fleet overview, vessel-specific dashboards, and data analysis tools to optimise fleet operations. Once connected, Soechi Line will access Kognifai Marketplace, where they can find and use a wide range of quality applications and services to turn data into business value.

Kamran Mahmood Khan, Director Fleet VM, Soechi Group, said: “We are very pleased to sign this contract with Kongsberg Digital. Vessel Insight will provide valuable analysis and contextual data, which will be used to optimize operations. With continuous improvement, we are one step closer to more transparent and greener shipping.”

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