Dec 3, 2021 | Marine coatings & hull protection news

HullWiper and Agemar have signed a lease agreement to meet a growing demand for safe, eco-friendly hull cleaning solutions for vessels calling in Guinea.

Agemar Agency & Logistics is part of global maritime consultancy and maritime logistics solutions provider, the Agemar Group. It is the latest addition to HullWiper’s family of partners around the world operating under a leasing programme introduced in 2017. The partnership supports the Guinean government’s goal to bring environmentally friendly solutions and operations into Guinean waters and to shipping in general.

Alessandro Di Battista, Agemar Guinea GM said: “Guinea’s close proximity to major shipping lines makes this operational hub in West Africa an ideal strategic location for vessels to minimise on downtime deviations within the busy waterways as cleaning can be done day or night, in most weather conditions and whilst cargo or bunker fuel operations are underway or on a laden voyage. We have partnered with the industry leader in innovative eco hull cleaning solutions, with the environmental aspect being a core focus.”

HullWiper’s ROV technology is approved by several local port authorities including Merchant Shipping, Guinean Naval Society, Maritime Prefect, Autonomous Port of Conakry, Minister of Transport, Direction of Maritime Navigation, National Direction of Customs Department and the Harbour Master / Port Captain. The ROV provides an eco-friendly, cost-efficient, brush- and diver-free alternative to traditional hull cleaning methods currently performed in Guinea, protecting lives and the marine environment and not compromising anti-fouling hull painting protection. The system uses adjustable seawater jets as the cleaning medium, instead of brushes or abrasives, to minimise the risk of damage to coatings. Removal of fouling from vessels’ hulls significantly improves a vessel’s performance especially when vessels steam under full power rather than slow steaming. It increases energy efficiency and ultimately reduces CO2 emissions.

HullWiper does not discharge removed residues and harmful materials into the sea. Instead, it collects them with an onboard filter for safe disposal onshore, thereby reducing the risk of cross-pollination of waters with alien species.

Simon Doran, HullWiper MD, said: “Worldwide regulations are becoming increasingly stringent in the management of biofouling with milestones that need to be reached for the reduction of carbon emissions by 2030. By bringing our trusted, safe and reliable hull cleaning solution to Northwest Africa, Guinea is at the forefront of an environmental wave of change to this region’s maritime landscape.”

HullWiper is a founding members of the IMO Global Industry Alliance (GIA) for Marine Biosafety and is actively involved within BIMCO and AMPP, partaking in technical steering committees dealing with global legislation for hull cleaning and inspection standards. 

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