Aug 3, 2023 | Ship design & naval architecture news

Hamburg-based ship manager Vega-Reederei has placed a significant contract for the construction of 3,800 dwt future-proof newbuildings designed by Dutch designer Conoship International

The 10 new vessels will initially use diesel-electric propulsion, while the design allows for simple upgrading to full-electric by replacing three main engines with green power sources like hydrogen cells. Vega believes this new order is well-timed, as the current fleet is ageing and less fuel-efficient. The shipping company intends to operate a 100% newbuilding fleet for a market-re-entry.

The Conoship 3,800 dwt is an innovative General Cargo Vessel for the short-sea shipping trade. The large-diameter propeller is combined with Conoship’s ConoDuctTail, which, with optimised hull lines, can offer very high efficiency and lowest possible fuel consumption. The design also provides the possibility of integrating wind assistance, through an eConowind-unit, which can lead to further fuel savings and emission reductions.

The contracted newbuildings are designed to meet and surpass environmental standards required in today’s maritime industry and are seen as a step in the right direction to further reduce the shipping carbon footprint. The building contracts have been placed with a company of the Sinomach Group, a Chinese state-owned manufacturing group. Deliveries are scheduled between August 2024 and May 2025, on a monthly basis.

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