Feb 8, 2024 | Marine fuel & lubricant news

Wärtsilä Gas Solutions is to deliver the fuel supply systems for two new gas carriers that will operate with ammonia fuel, and which are being built at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyards (HMD) in Korea for ship owner Exmar LPG, a joint venture between Exmar, a multi-disciplinary maritime and offshore solutions provider, and Seapeak, one of the largest independent owner-operators of LNG vessels.

These Exmar medium size gas carrier newbuildings will be the first oceangoing vessels to be propelled by dual-fuel engines capable of operating with ammonia. The engines will be provided by WinGD.

The vessels are part of a four-ship series for which Wärtsilä has already been contracted to supply the cargo handling and fuel supply systems. All four vessels were originally ordered to operate on LPG as fuel. However, Exmar has declared an option to change the fuel system and placed an order with Wärtsilä to convert the fuel systems on two vessels to be able to operate with ammonia.

Carl-Antoine Saverys, CEO Exmar said: “There is of course a challenge to be considered when making a first-ever operational decision such as this, requiring the latest technology. Wärtsilä has the experience and technical competence to minimise this risk, which is why they were selected as a key partner in this groundbreaking project.”

The full scope of Wärtsilä’s supply includes the liquid ammonia fuel supply system along with process engineering and dynamic simulation. The system is skid mounted with low- and high-pressure fuel pumps, controls for fuel pressure and temperature, and heat exchangers. Delivery to the yard is scheduled for 2025.

Stein Thoresen, head of marine sales, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions said: “We have had long and close cooperation with both HMD and Exmar, and are proud to be part of this exciting project. When operating with ammonia fuel the CO2 emissions will be reduced with about 90%. This is fully in line with Wärtsilä’s strategy for enabling decarbonised shipping operations, and is an endorsement of our capabilities to deliver future-proof systems capable of handling a new generation of marine fuels.”

Image: 3D rendering of Exmar LPG’s ammonia dual-fuel mid size gas carrier (source: Wärtsilä)

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