May 31, 2022 | Marine electronics & digitalisation news

Wärtsilä Voyage and ship manager Anglo-Eastern have reached a significant milestone in their joint project to improve safety and environmental sustainability at sea, with more than 500 vessels in Anglo-Eastern’s fleet now fitted with Wärtsilä Voyage’s Fleet Optimisation Solutions (FOS) decision support software platform for voyage planning, charter-party compliance, fuel efficiency, and fleet performance management.

Bjorn Hojgaard, CEO, Anglo-Eastern, said: “Wärtsilä Voyage has invested heavily in new digitally enabled strategies, and by partnering with them, we gain capabilities that assist us and our shipowner clients to be the leaders in digitalisation, safety, and sustainability. Wärtsilä Voyage is leading in the digital journey of the maritime industry, which makes them the ideal partner for us and our own digital journey.”

Capt Pradeep Chawla, MD Group QHSE and Training, Anglo-Eastern, added: “By working in close cooperation, Anglo-Eastern and Wärtsilä have been able to create a valuable and much needed software solution that greatly benefits merchant fleet operations. With our input incorporated in product development, the result is a fantastic, holistic solution that helps us with every aspect of fleet management.”

Wärtsilä Voyage’s FOS is a shared digital platform that helps to monitor, manage and optimise everyday processes on board and onshore. By combining cloud-based analytics and artificial intelligence, FOS reduces workload and provides all stakeholders with a clear overview of their fleet’s performance.

Sean Fernback, President, Wärtsilä Voyage, and EVP Wärtsilä, said: “One of the key advantages of our FOS platform is that it’s flexible and scalable, remaining responsive to the maturity of each shipping company’s own digital journey. We believe in digitalisation as the path towards decarbonisation, and that means delivering a solution that can future-proof a fleet and optimise not just the ‘right now’, but also the long-term. Passing the 500 installations milestone with Anglo-Eastern is an important step in the mission of both companies to drive sustainability through cutting-edge technology. We look forward to continuing to steer industry transformation in collaboration with Anglo-Eastern.”

Anglo-Eastern is a global provider of independent ship management services, with 650 vessels under full technical management, over 250 under crew management, and a technical services division that has overseen more than 450 newbuildings and conversions. Anglo-Eastern and Wärtsilä have a long-term partnership spanning almost three decades. The original order for the FOS deliveries was placed in October 2019 and was reported to be the maritime industry’s largest software contract ever at the time.

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