Dec 21, 2022 | Marine propulsion & machinery news

Wärtsilä is to supply its hybrid propulsion system for four new heavy lift vessels ordered by German company SAL Heavy Lift, part of the Harren Group, from the Wuhu Shipyard in China, contractedin cooperation with Dutch joint-venture partner Jumbo Shipping.

There is an option for an additional two vessels. Wärtsilä’s innovative hybrid system is intended to minimise the ships’ CO2 emissions, thus supporting the marine sector’s decarbonisation ambitions. The system will feature a variable-speed Wärtsilä 32 main engine capable of operating with methanol fuel. This will make these ships among the first to be prepared to operate on methanol, a clean burning sulphur-free alternative to conventional fossil-based marine fuels. They will be the first methanol capable ships to employ a variable speed main engine.

The hybrid system includes Energy Storage, a PTO/PTI generator and motor, a multidrive converter, and the Wärtsilä Energy Management System for controlling and optimising the hybrid operations. The Energy Storage system will be based on Lithium-Titanium-Oxide (LTO) batteries, which can handle higher amounts of deep cycles than normal Lithium-Ion based systems. The ESS will significantly reduce the fuel consumption and/or the necessary size of the port’s electric shore connection during crane operations while providing fuel savings at sea by reducing Engine Load fluctuations in rough seas. For each vessel, Wärtsilä will supply the gearbox, the CP propeller, the bow and stern thrusters, air shaft seals, as well as the sterntube and bearings.

Dr Martin Harren, Owner and CEO, SAL Heavy Lift, said: “These ships represent the next generation in heavy lift shipping. In addition to their technical capabilities, they will feature outstanding environmental performance and help guide shipping towards a greener future. We are committed to decarbonising shipping activities, and we wish to thank Wärtsilä for their support and cooperation throughout this project.”

Matthias Becker, MD Wärtsilä Germany, added: “We are proud to be able to support SAL with Wärtsilä’s market-leading integrated hybrid-mechanical propulsion system. This is a well-proven, future-proofing solution that enables owners and operators to lower operating costs while complying with current and anticipated environmental regulations.”

Wärtsilä has hybrid installations on board more than 70 vessels, and an installed battery capacity in excess of 100 MWh, as well as a portfolio of fuel-flexible marine engines.

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